In the 1970’s my ceilings and walls were adorned with my tie dyed sheets. I also loved macramé and made curtains, wall hangings, belts and plant hangers. It seemed a natural progression to combine the dyed fabric with rope and twine and eventually I was making elaborately textured wall and window hangings that somewhat pushed the boundaries of macramé. In the 1980’s I experimented with layered embroideries, this time progressing from needlework kits to my own embellished collages. Enrollment in a traditional quilt making class in 1993 introduced a world of beautiful patterns to me and soon afterward I began to create my own designs. It was then that my focus on studying art began. Through participation in numerous classes and workshops, I have had the opportunity to learn from many of the leaders in textile art. Today, I use my own hand dyed fabric and fiber to create wall hangings, collages and wearable art with a unique and contemporary emphasis.