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White House officials have given differing messages after US Congress agreed on legislation allowing fresh sanctions against Russia.

The laws would also curb President Donald Trump’s ability to lift any sanctions. He has resisted the move.

The new White House communications director said the president was yet to decide whether to sign the bill.

But the Trump administration’s press secretary says the White House supports the legislation.

The bill is intended as punishment for alleged Russian meddling in the US election.

Mr Trump’s presidency has been dogged by allegations of collusion with Russia during the campaign. Russia has denied interfering and Mr Trump says there was no collusion.

Republican and Democrat leaders reached agreement on the legislation on Saturday, in what is seen as a sign of determination in Congress to maintain a firm line against Russia, whatever Mr Trump’s view.

He has argued he needs leeway against Russia and his officials have been lobbying against the bill, which effectively stifles his ability to conduct foreign policy.

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